January Lesson Plan Ideas

Here are some January events you are going to want to include in your class.
1. New Year´s- Resolution time.
2. Trivia Day (Jan. 4) - Do a trivia review.
3. National Bird Day (Jan. 5) - What´s your state bird?
4. Poetry Break Day (Jan. 13) - Write a poem.
5. Martin Luther King Jr.´s Birthday (Jan. 15) - What is your dream?
6. National Kazoo Day (Jan. 28) - Form a kazoo marching band.
7. Popcorn day- Third Monday in January.
8. Cheese Day- Third Tuesday in January.
9. National Handwriting Day- Third Friday in January.
10. National Puzzle Day- Fourth Thursday in January.

This Week in History
· 1851: The YMCA opened in Boston, MA.
· 1863: Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation.