**Visible Body**
A GPS for the human body.
The perfect site for student-created wikis!
**file dropper**
Sharing files is easy with file dropper.
**My Brochure Maker**
A great way for students to create polished brochures to showcase their learning!
Need to edit a picture on the fly? Do it online with Pixenate.
Create personalized messages and embed them in various images.
This site allows users to create virtual kaleidoscope-like designs.
Jott allows users to use voice-activated commands to send e-mail from a cell phone.
A fun site for manipulating pictures you take with a webcam.
Check out this site’s intuitive drag-and-drop video-editing capabilities.
**Citation Machine**
Citation Machine creates citations in APA, MLA, Turabian, and Chicago styles.
A Web-based telephone reminder tool.
Can videoconferencing get any easier?
Supertimer bursts your balloon when time is up.
TinEye allows users to identify the source of copyrighted images.
Create a virtual LiteBrite picture.
Send an audio response to a standard email.
Creating professional looking surveys is not only easy, but free with Survey Monkey.
Create and administer a one-question poll.
**Cute PDF Writer**
Few PDF converters are as easy to use or as convenient as Cute PDF Writer.
**Fodey, newspaper clip generator**
A great solution for enticing reluctant writers.
Send messages composed of letters formed by aerial shots of images from Google Earth.
Create word clouds with Wordle.
This tool allows users to collaborate in real time as they chat inside a visual workspace.
A great online tool for converting text to mp3 files.
A nifty web 2.0 tool that allows you to create electronic posters.
**Bubble Comment**
With a web cam, a microphone, and a few clicks, you can add a narration bubble to any web page.
This great little program allows you to create virtual sticky notes on your desktop.
Dragnifier is a computer screen magnifier -- and one of my oldest ‘favs.’
**Convert Tube**
Save your favorite online videos to your PC, iPod, PSP, or mobile.
**LEGO //Digital Designer//**
A great way to introduce CAD software to elementary students.
**Moving Puzzle**
Just for fun, try your hand at a moving jigsaw puzzle.
SketchUp is a free 3D modeling program available through Google.
Upload a photo, add sound, animate the mouth, and create your own talking picture.
CamStudio, an open-source program, allows you to create videos of what you’re doing on your computer and to add narration.
Mixbook adds a new twist to online slide shows by enabling you to create a virtual book using your own digital photos.
MailCatch disposable email is quite handy when you don’t want to give out your personal or business email address or can’t get to those email accounts